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Driving Techniques

CLIMBING STEEP SLOPES Engage the diff lock* and ALWAYS follow the fall line of the slope - travelling diagonally could cause the vehicle to slide broadside down the slope.

Steep climbs will usually require the LOW gear range. If the surface is loose or slippery, use sufficient speed in the highest practical gear to take advantage of your vehicle's momentum. However, too high a speed over a bumpy surface may result in a wheel lifting, causing the vehicle to lose traction. In this case, try a slower approach. Traction can also be improved by easing off the accelerator just before loss of forward motion.

If the vehicle is unable to complete a climb, do not attempt to turn it around while on the slope. Instead, adopt the following procedure to reverse downhill to the foot of the slope.

  • 1.

    Hold the vehicle stationary using both the foot and parking brakes.

  • 2.

    Restart the engine if necessary.

  • 3.

    Engage reverse (‘R’) and LOW range.

  • 4.

    Select hill descent control (HDC).

  • 5.

    Release the parking brake. Then release the foot brake and allow the vehicle to reverse down the slope using engine braking and HDC to control the rate of descent.

  • 6.

    Unless it is necessary to stop the vehicle to negotiate obstructions, DO NOT apply the brake pedal during the descent - even a light application may cause the front wheels to lock, rendering the steering ineffective.

  • 7.

    If the vehicle begins to slide, accelerate slightly to allow the tires to regain grip.

When the vehicle is back on level ground or where traction can be regained, a faster approach will probably enable the hill to be climbed. However, DO NOT take unnecessary risks, if the hill is too difficult to climb, find an alternative route.


DO NOT attempt to reverse down a slope without the engine running and ensure that ‘R’ (reverse) is selected. Otherwise, HDC and the braking effect of the gearbox will be lost.


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