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On-Road Driving

FUEL ECONOMY Fuel consumption is influenced by two major factors:

  • How your vehicle is maintained.

  • How you drive your vehicle.

To obtain optimum fuel economy, it is essential that your vehicle is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's service schedule.

Items such as the condition of the air cleaner element, tire pressures and wheel alignment will have a significant effect on fuel consumption. But, above all, the way in which you drive is most important. The following hints may help you to obtain better value from your motoring:

  • Avoid unnecessary, short, start-stop journeys.

  • Avoid fast starts by accelerating gently and smoothly from rest.

  • Do not drive in the lower gears for longer than necessary.

  • Decelerate gently and avoid sudden and heavy braking.

  • Anticipate obstructions and adjust your speed accordingly well in advance.

  • When stationary in traffic, select neutral to improve fuel economy and air conditioning performance.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION Remember the breakdown safety code

If a breakdown occurs while travelling:

  • Wherever possible, consistent with road safety and traffic conditions, the vehicle should be moved off the main thoroughfare, preferably onto the shoulder as far as possible. If a breakdown occurs on a motorway, pull well over to the inside of the hard shoulder.

  • Switch on hazard lights.

  • If possible, position a warning triangle or a flashing amber light at an appropriate distance from the vehicle to warn other traffic of the breakdown, (note the legal requirements of some countries).

  • Consider evacuating passengers through the doors facing away from traffic, to a safe area away from the vehicle, as a precaution in case your Discovery is accidentally struck by another vehicle.


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