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Cooling fans may continue to operate after the engine is switched off. When the engine is hot, the cooling fans may also COMMENCE operating after the engine is switched off and continue operating for up to 10 minutes. To avoid injury, keep clear of all fans and remove any loose clothing while working in the engine compartment.

Whenever you need to carry out maintenance on your vehicle, observe the following safety precautions at all times:

  • Keep your hands, hair, tools and clothing away from drive belts and pulleys.

  • If the vehicle has been driven recently, DO NOT TOUCH exhaust and cooling system components until the engine has cooled.

  • DO NOT TOUCH electrical leads or components while the engine is running, or with the starter switch turned on.

  • NEVER leave the engine running in an unventilated area - exhaust gases are poisonous and extremely dangerous.

  • DO NOT work beneath the vehicle with the wheel changing jack as the only means of support.

  • Ensure sparks and naked lights are kept away from the engine compartment.

  • Wear protective clothing, including, where practicable, gloves made from an impervious material.

  • Remove metal wrist bands and jewellery before working in the engine compartment.

  • DO NOT allow tools or metal parts of the vehicle to make contact with the battery leads or terminals.


Under no circumstances should any part of the fuel system be dismantled or replaced by anyone other than a suitably qualified motor vehicle technician. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in fuel spillage with a consequent serious risk of fire.

Poisonous fluids Fluids used in motor vehicles are poisonous and should not be consumed or brought into contact with open wounds. These include battery acid, anti-freeze, brake and power steering fluid, petrol, engine oil and windshield washer additives.

For your own safety, ALWAYS read and obey all instructions printed on labels and containers.

Used engine oil Prolonged contact with engine oil may cause serious skin disorders, including dermatitis and cancer of the skin. ALWAYS wash thoroughly after contact.

It is illegal to pollute drains, water courses or soil with toxic chemicals such as used engine oil. Use authorised waste disposal sites to dispose of used oil and toxic chemicals.


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