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Engine Oil

E n g i n e O i l C H E Check the oil level at least every 250 miles (400 km) when the engine is COLD and with the vehicle resting on level ground. C K & T O P - U P

NOTE: If it is necessary to check the oil level when the engine is hot, switch off the engine and let the vehicle stand for five minutes to allow the oil to drain back into the sump. DO NOT start the engine.

As a general guide, if the level on the dipstick:

  • is nearer to the upper mark than the lower, add no oil.

  • is nearer to the lower mark than the upper, add half a US quart (0.5 liter) of oil.

  • is below the lower mark, add one US quart (1 liter) of oil and re-check the level after a further five minutes.


Oil specification It is essential to use an oil suitable for the climatic conditions in which the vehicle is to be operated. Precise specifications are shown in ‘LUBRICANTS AND FLUIDS’, page 239. If in doubt, contact your Land Rover retailer.


  • 1.

    Withdraw the dipstick and wipe the blade clean.

  • 2.

    Fully re-insert the dipstick and withdraw again to check the level, which should NEVER be allowed to fall below the lower mark on the dipstick.

  • 3.

    To top-up, unscrew the oil filler cap and add oil to maintain the level between the UPPER and LOWER marks on the dipstick. DO NOT OVERFILL!

CAUTION: Oil levels above the MAX mark may cause engine damage, in which case some oil must be removed from the engine by a service technician.


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