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W a s h e r s W I N D S H I E L D W A S H E R T O P - U P


Some screenwash products are inflammable, particularly if high or undiluted concentrations are exposed to sparking. DO NOT allow screenwash to come into contact with naked flames or sources of ignition.

NOTE: DO NOT use an anti-freeze or vinegar/water solution in the washer reservoir - anti-freeze will damage painted surfaces, whilst vinegar can damage the windshield washer pump.


The windshield washer reservoir supplies both front and rear screen washer jets and headlight washer jets.

NOTE: Body panels may suffer discolorization as a result of screenwash spillage. Take care to avoid spillage, particularly if an undiluted high concentration is being used. If spillage occurs, wash the affected area immediately with water.

Check the reservoir level at least every week and top-up with a mixture of water and screenwash solvent. Preferably mix the recommended quantities of water and screenwash in a separate container before topping-up, and always follow the instructions on the container.

Operate the washer switches periodically to check that the nozzles are clear and properly directed.


If you operate your vehicle in temperatures below 40 degrees F, use washer fluid with anti-freeze protection. In cold weather, failure to use washer fluid with anti-freeze protection could result in impaired windshield vision and increase the risk of a vehicle crash.


Do not put engine coolant in the windshield washer fluid reservoir. If engine coolant is sprayed onto the windshield, it could make it difficult to see through the windshield.

WASHER JETS The windshield washer jets are set during manufacture and should not need adjusting. However, if adjustment is ever necessary, insert a needle into the jet orifice and lever gently to position each jet so that the spray is directed towards the center of the windshield.

The rear screen jets located in the wiper arm are not adjustable.

Should any jet become obstructed, insert a needle or thin strand of wire into the orifice to clear the blockage.

HEADLIGHT WASHERS The spray jets are set during manufacture and should not need to be adjusted.


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