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Battery removal and replacement

Replacement batteries


ALWAYS remove the starter key before disconnecting the battery. Failure to do this could cause a failure of the airbag SRS.

To prevent a short circuit, ALWAYS disconnect the negative (‘-’) cable first and NEVER allow the battery terminals or vehicle leads to make contact with tools or metal parts of the vehicle.

Only fit a replacement battery of the same type and specification as the original - other batteries may vary in size or have different terminal positions which could cause a fire hazard when connected to the vehicle's electrical system.

CAUTION: DO NOT reverse the polarity of the battery - the electrical system may be damaged if the battery leads are connected to the wrong terminals.

Before disconnecting the battery, disarm the alarm, and ensure that the starter switch and all electrical equipment is turned off.

To remove: disconnect the negative (‘-’) cable first and then the positive (‘+’) cable. When reconnecting, connect the positive cable first and then the negative cable.

To release the battery from the vehicle, undo the nuts securing the battery clamping plate and remove the clamping plate.

When replacing, ensure the battery is fitted the right way round (terminal posts towards the rear of the vehicle) and that the clamping plate is secure. Tighten the clamping plate nuts until the clamping plate is free from movement, but do not over tighten.

CAUTION: Keep the battery upright at all times

  • -

    damage will be caused if the battery is tilted

more than 45 degrees.

CAUTION: DO NOT run the engine with the battery disconnected, or disconnect the battery whilst the engine is running.

Battery disposal

Used batteries should be recycled. However, batteries are hazardous - you should seek advice about disposal from a Land Rover retailer or your local authority.


Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds. Wash hands after handling.


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