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Cleaning & Vehicle Care

C l e a n i n g & V e h i c l e C a r e W A S H I N G Y O U R V E H I C L E

Underbody maintenance Corrosive materials used for snow and ice removal and dust control can collect on underbody parts. If these materials are not removed, accelerated rusting can occur. Use a hose to regularly flush the underbody with plain water, taking particular care to thoroughly clean those areas where mud and other debris can easily collect.

Similarly, after off-road driving or wading in muddy or salt water conditions, use a hose to wash underbody components and other exposed parts of the vehicle.


CAUTION: Read individual product warnings before using any car cleaning or washing products.

When using a hose, do not direct the jet into the heater air intake ducts, or through the wheel trim apertures onto the brake components, or at the door, window or sunroof seals, where water pressure could penetrate the seals.

CAUTION: Some high pressure cleaning systems are sufficiently powerful to penetrate door and window seals and damage rubbing strips and locking mechanisms. Never aim the water jet directly at heater air intakes, body and sunroof seals, or at any components that might easily be damaged.

Wash your vehicle frequently using a sponge and generous quantities of cold or slightly warm water containing a car shampoo. Rinse and dry off with a chamois leather.

  • Do not use hot water!

  • Do not use detergent soap products or washing-up liquid!

  • In hot weather, do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight.

Steam cleaning Before steam cleaning the engine compartment, cover the power steering and brake fluid reservoirs to prevent contamination of fluid. After steam cleaning carefully re-wax the metallic components, especially the steering column, engine coolant pipes, hose clips and the ignition coil clamp, to prevent corrosion - if necessary contact your Land Rover retailer for advice.

Removing tar spots Use mineral spirits to remove tar spots and stubborn grease stains from paintwork. Then wash immediately with soapy water to remove all traces of spirit.

Body protection After washing, inspect the paintwork for damage. Any stone chips, fractures or deep scratches in the bodywork should be repaired promptly. Bare metal will corrode quickly and can develop into major repair expense. Some exterior panels of your vehicle are made of


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