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Cleaning & Vehicle Care

aluminium which will not corrode in the same manner as steel. However, any damage should still receive prompt attention. Minor chips and scratches can be repaired with touch-up materials available from your retailer. Larger areas of damage need to be corrected to professional standards immediately.

Cast alloy road wheels The cast alloy road wheels are covered with a protective coating. To prevent corrosion it is essential that this coating is not damaged. To clean the wheels use a warm soapy liquid, stubborn stains can be removed using a soft brush.

Polishing Occasionally treat the paint surface with an approved polish containing the following properties:

  • Very mild abrasives to remove surface contamination without removing or damaging the paint.

  • Filling compounds that will fill scratches and reduce their visibility.

  • Wax to provide a protective coating between the paint and the elements.

NOTE: DO NOT apply car polish to the bumper mouldings - polish will become ingrained in the textured finished.

Sunroof It is essential that the sunroof aperture surround, channels, drain tubes and slides (accessible with the panel fully open), are kept clear, clean and lubricated for efficient operation. This requirement is particularly important in dusty environments.

If necessary contact your Land Rover retailer for advice.

Glass and mirrors Clean the rear window with a soft cloth to avoid damaging the heating elements. DO NOT scrape the glass or use an abrasive cleaning fluid.

Mirror glass is particularly susceptible to damage. Wash with soapy water. DO NOT use abrasive cleaning compounds or metal scrapers to remove ice.


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