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Parts & Accessories

P a r t s & A c c e s s o r i e s P A Your vehicle has been designed, built and tested to cope with a variety of off-road driving conditions, some of which can place the severest possible demands on control systems and components. As such, fitting replacement parts and accessories that have been developed and tested to the same stringent standards as the original components will safeguard the continued reliability, safety and performance of your vehicle. R T S A N D A C C E S S O R I E S


DO NOT fit unapproved accessories or conversions, as they could affect the safety of the vehicle.

Land Rover will not accept any liability for death, personal injury or damage to property which may occur as a direct result of fitment of non-approved accessories or the carrying out of non-approved conversions to Land Rover vehicles.

To augment the vehicle's already impressive performance, a comprehensive range of Land Rover-approved replacement parts and accessories is available, enabling the vehicle to fulfil a wide variety of roles, and enhancing and protecting the vehicle in the many tasks to which it can be applied.

Land Rover North America Inc. strongly advises against making any modifications to the suspension or steering system. This could seriously affect the handling and stability of the vehicle leading to loss of control or rollover.

Land Rover parts are the only parts built to original equipment specifications AND approved by Land Rover designers; this means that every single part and accessory has been rigorously tested by the same engineering team that designed and built the vehicle and, with the exception of maintenance items that are designed to be replaced sooner, is warranted as provided in the Passport to Service.

A full list and description of all accessories is available from your Land Rover retailer.


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