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Wheel Changing

Positioning the jack


NEVER work beneath the vehicle with the jack as the only means of support. The jack is designed for wheel changing only!

To prevent the vehicle from tipping off the jack, ensure that it is first positioned on firm, level ground.

ALWAYS use the complete, two-piece, jack lever throughout to minimise any chance of accidental damage or injury.


ONLY jack the vehicle using the jack location points described, or damage to the vehicle could occur.

Front jacking point

Changing a wheel

  • 1.

    Before raising the vehicle, use the wheel nut wrench to slacken the wheel nuts half a turn anti-clockwise.

  • 2.

    Raise the vehicle until the tire is clear of the ground.

  • 3.

    Remove the wheel nuts and place to one side to prevent them from being lost.

  • 4.

    Remove the road wheel.


NOTE: DO NOT damage the surface of the wheel by placing it face down on the road. 5. Use an approved anti-seize compound to treat the wheel mounting spigot. This will minimise any tendency for adhesion between the wheel and the spigot.

Rear jacking point

Always position the jack from the side of the vehicle, approximately in line with the appropriate jacking point. Ensure the jack is positioned on firm, level ground.

Position the jack so that, when raised the cradle head of the jack engages with the shaped notch on the underside of the front or rear suspension links - either just forward of the rear wheels or just to the rear of the front wheels.

Ensure that no compound comes into contact with the brake components or the flat mounting surfaces of the wheel.

If, due to an emergency situation, this treatment is not practicable; refit the spare wheel for the time being, but remove and treat the wheel at the earliest opportunity.


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