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Locks & Alarms

Single point entry (if enabled) This is a personal security feature, which enables the driver's door only to be unlocked, leaving the other doors in a locked state. It can be operated by the remote handset as follows:

  • press the unlock button once to unlock the driver's door.

  • press a second time (within one minute) to unlock the remaining doors. Single point entry can be disabled by a Land Rover retailer.

Interior locking switch


This is a personal security feature which allows the driver to lock (or unlock) all the doors from inside the vehicle (while driving or with the vehicle stationary). Press the lower part of the switch to lock (the alarm will not be armed), and the upper part to unlock.

Interior door handles and door sill locking buttons From inside the vehicle, each door can be individually locked by depressing the appropriate door sill button. However, doors cannot be unlocked by raising the sill button.

Use the door handles to unlock, as follows:

  • First operation of the door handle unlocks the door.

  • Second operation of the door handle opens the door.

Drive-away door locking* This security feature locks all the doors automatically when the vehicle speed exceeds 4 mph, and unlocks the doors as soon as the starter switch is turned off (provided the doors had previously been locked by the speed related feature).

Note that drive-away door locking is not selectable by the driver, and that operation of the door locks by any other means (interior locking switch on the facia panel, for example) will disable the drive-away door locking function for the remainder of the journey, or until the starter switch is turned off and on again.

Drive-away door locking can be selected or deselected by a Land Rover retailer.

NOTE: If the locks have already been superlocked, the switch will not release the locks.


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