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Locks & Alarms

REMOTE HANDSET BATTERY The battery should last for approximately three years dependent upon use. When the battery needs to be replaced will be apparent from the following symptoms:

  • A gradual deterioration in range and performance.

  • The alarm indicator light in the instrument panel will flash rapidly for 10 seconds after the driver's door is opened.

Always fit a Land Rover YWX10003L or a Panasonic CR2032 replacement battery (available from a Land Rover retailer).

CAUTION: The handset contains delicate electronic circuits and must be protected from impact and water damage, high temperatures and humidity, direct sunlight and the effects of solvents, waxes and abrasive cleaners.

Battery replacement

  • 2.

    Insert the screwdriver blade as shown in the right hand inset and then carefully slide it along the joint towards the key to release the back of the handset.

  • 3.

    Use a small flat-bladed screwdriver to prise the battery from its mounting (see illustration), taking care to avoid touching the circuit board or the metal battery contacts.

  • 4.

    Fit the new battery, ensuring that correct polarity is maintained (‘+’ side facing up). Finger marks will adversely affect battery life; if possible, avoid touching the flat surfaces of the battery and wipe them clean before fitting.

  • 5.

    Press the two halves of the handset firmly together and ensure that both halves are fully joined to prevent dirt or moisture from entering the handset.

The handset is now ready for use.


1. With the handset face down, insert the blade of a small flat-bladed screwdriver into the slot at the rear of the handset (see inset) and prise the back upwards.


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