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Returning the seat to the upright position Push the seat assembly back onto the floor - the floor catches should latch with the base of the seat. Then raise the backrest.

If the backrest cannot be raised easily, DO NOT force it. This indicates that the seat base has not fully engaged with the floor catches (note that the seat assembly is designed to prevent the backrest from being raised unless the seat is properly secured to the floor).

With the seat base secure, the backrest can be raised and locked in position (none of the RED panel on the release lever should be visible when the backrest is correctly latched). Ensure that any head restraints which were removed, are repositioned before driving the vehicle. Finally, refit the loadspace cover.


OCCASIONAL REAR SEATS* NOTE: The occasional rear seats are fitted with an interlock that prevents the seat back from being raised if the seat is not latched to the floor properly.


For safety, before driving with passengers seated in the occasional rear seats, ensure that all occupants are properly restrained. All unbelted occupants will be subjected to a greater risk of injury or death in a crash or rollover than belted occupants.

Do not carry passengers in the occasional rear seats if a dog guard is fitted between the second row of seats and the loadspace. In the event of a crash or rollover, occupants of these seats could impact with a dog guard so increasing the risk of injury.

After the seat is returned to the upright position, the latching mechanism should be checked and physically tested to ensure that both the seat base and backrest are secure before driving.

Erecting the seats


In a frontal impact, if the rear seat is not secured (fully latched), it may swing forward contacting the seat in front of it increasing the risk of injury or death to occupants in those seats.


1. Push the outboard lever (shown in inset) and hold to release the seat from its stowed position.


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