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Seat Belts

Where possible, rear seat passengers should adjust their position on the seat to enable the seat belt webbing to cross the shoulder without pressing on the neck.


Always transport children 12 years and under in the second row seats and always properly use appropriate child restraints.

FRONT SEAT BELT PRE-TENSIONERS The seat belt pre-tensioners activate in conjunction with the airbag SRS and provide additional protection in the event of a severe frontal impact on the vehicle (see ‘HOW THE AIRBAG SRS WORKS’, page 59). The pre-tensioners reduce any slack in both the lap and diagonal portions of the belts, thereby reducing forward movement of the belt wearer in the event of a severe frontal collision.

For children that are too small to fit the 3-point seat belt properly, the use of appropriate child safety seats or belt-positioning booster seats is recommended.

The airbag SRS warning light on the instrument panel will alert you to any malfunction of the seat belt pre-tensioners (see ‘WARNING LIGHTS’, page 67).

NOTE: For additional information, (see ‘CHILD RESTRAINTS FOR SMALL CHILDREN AND BABIES’, page 52).

Releasing the belt Press the RED button on the seat belt buckle.

If the pre-tensioners have been activated, the seat belts will still function as restraints, and must be worn in the event that the vehicle remains in a driveable condition, however, for the pre-tensioner to work properly again, it must be replaced.

NOTE: The seat belt pre-tensioners will NOT be activated by rear, side or minor frontal impacts.


The seat belt pre-tensioners will only be activated once and then MUST BE REPLACED by a Land Rover retailer. Failure to replace the pre-tensioners will reduce the efficiency of the vehicle's front restraint systems.

After any frontal impact, always have the seat belts and pre-tensioners checked and, if necessary, replaced by a Land Rover retailer.

In the interests of safety, it is recommended that removal or replacement of the front seats and seat belts, with the use of factory-specified parts, should ONLY be carried out by a Land Rover retailer.


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