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Child Restraints

Vehicles fitted with a passenger airbag Children under 12 years should travel in the rear of the vehicle at all times. Crash statistics show that children are safer when properly restrained in the rear (2nd row) seating positions than in the front.

However, if it is essential that a child travel in the front, set the seat fully rearward and seat the child in a FORWARD FACING child seat.

The above symbol affixed to the passenger side facia panel of your vehicle, warns against the use of a REAR FACING child seat in the front passenger seat, when a passenger airbag is fitted.


EXTREME HAZARD! Do not use a rearward facing child restraint on a seat protected by an airbag in front of it. There is a risk of serious injury or death when the airbag deploys.

Seat belt locking mechanism All passenger seat belts have a special locking mechanism which aids the securing of child restraints. The mechanism is used to secure a child restraint as follows:

  • 1.

    Attach the seat belt to the child restraint in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

  • 2.

    Insert the metal tongue of the seat belt into the lock ensuring that it engages with a 'click'.

  • 3.

    Pull on the shoulder section of the belt until it is fully extended.

  • 4.

    Allow the belt to retract. A 'clicking' sound will confirm that the mechanism has engaged.

  • 5.

    Remove all slack from the mechanism, by pulling upwards on the shoulder belt, immediately above the child restraint.

  • 6.

    Evaluate the tightness of the installation by rocking the child seat back and forth to ensure it is tight and stable.

  • 7.

    If the child seat needs to be tightened further, remove the metal tongue of the seat belt from the buckle and feed some of the shoulder belt webbing back into the reel (thereby shortening the belt). Then reattach the metal tongue into the buckle (if the belt has been tightened correctly, this will take some effort).

  • 8.

    Re-evaluate the tightness of the installation. If the child seat is still too loose, repeat the above procedure, making the belt incrementally shorter (and therefore tighter). It may be necessary to put your weight onto the seat (to compress the seat cushion) in order to fasten the belt.

To deactivate the locking mechanism, unlatch the seat belt and allow it to fully retract.


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