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Airbag SRS


Following inflation, some SRS/airbag components are hot - DO NOT touch until they have cooled.

Even with SRS/airbag equipment fitted, seat belts must ALWAYS be worn because:

  • An airbag will only provide additional protection in certain types of frontal collisions. NO protection is afforded against the effects of side or rear impacts, roll over accidents, or minor frontal impacts.

  • Inflation and deflation take place instantaneously and will not provide protection against the effects of secondary impacts that can occur during multiple vehicle collisions.


The airbag module inflates with considerable speed and force. For your safety:

An inflating airbag can cause facial abrasions and other injuries. The injurious effects of airbag inflation can be reduced, by ensuring driver and passenger are seated correctly, with the seat moved back as far as is practical, and the seat belts worn correctly.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends a minimum distance of 10 inches (25 cm) between an occupant’s chest and the driver’s air bag module.

NEVER attach accessory items to an airbag module cover, or place items of hand luggage or any objects on the top of a module cover; these could interfere with the inflation of the airbag, or if the airbag inflates, be propelled inside the vehicle causing injury or death to the occupants.

DO NOT allow occupants to obstruct the operation of the airbag modules by placing their feet, knees or any part of their person in contact with, or close to, an airbag module whilst the vehicle is moving.

When an airbag inflates, a fine powder is released. This is not an indication of a malfunction. However, the powder may cause irritation to the skin and should be thoroughly flushed from the eyes and any cuts or abrasions of the skin.

Both front seating positions are equipped with knee bolsters to provide knee protection in the event of an impact. DO NOT modify the bolsters, or mount after market equipment on or behind them.


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