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Airbag SRS

Seating positions In order to provide optimum protection in the event of a severe frontal impact, it is necessary for the airbags to deploy with considerable speed.

An inflating airbag can cause facial abrasions and other injuries if the occupant is too close to the airbag at the time of its deployment.


  • To reduce the risk of accidental injury from inflating airbags, seat belts should be correctly worn at all times. In addition, both driver and front seat passenger should adjust their seat to provide the maximum practical distance from the airbags.

  • Occupants not seated correctly in allocated seats are subject to serious injury or death upon airbag deployment.

  • Never place your arm over an airbag module as a deploying air bag can result in serious arm fractures or other injuries.

HOW THE AIRBAG SRS WORKS In the event of a severe frontal impact, the airbag control unit monitors the rate of deceleration or acceleration induced by the collision, to determine whether the airbags should be deployed.

Operation of the airbag SRS is dependent entirely on the rate at which the vehicle's passenger compartment changes speed as a result of a collision. The circumstances affecting different collisions (vehicle speed, angle of impact, type and size of object hit, for example), vary considerably and will affect the rate of acceleration or deceleration accordingly.

NOTE: The SRS/airbag is not designed to activate in all frontal impacts; most minor frontal impacts, heavy braking and driving over pot holes will not result in sufficient deceleration to cause the airbags to inflate. This does not indicate that there is a fault with the system. However, if as a result of an impact, you believe the airbags should have deployed and they failed to do so, please call 1(800)637-6837 for advice, or to arrange for a Land Rover representative to inspect the vehicle to determine whether the system operated correctly.

It follows, therefore, that significant superficial damage can occur without the airbags deploying or, conversely, that a relatively small amount of structural damage may cause the airbags to be deployed.

Airbags will only deploy when they are required to supplement the restraining force of the seat belts.

In the case of a severe frontal collision, both front airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners will be deployed.


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