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Air Conditioning

2. Temperature controls Operate the rocker switches on either side of the display to set the required temperature for the corresponding side of the passenger compartment (left hand switch for the left side of the vehicle, and right hand switch for the right side).

Temperatures above 82°F (28°C) and below 61°F (16°C) cannot be set. Above or below these maximum and minimum settings ‘HI’ or ‘LO’ will appear in the display.

The temperatures shown on the display are relative, target, temperatures only and are not reflective of any specific temperature measured within the vehicle interior.

NOTE: The system will not achieve temperatures on the passenger side of the vehicle that are more than 9°F (5°C) greater or less than the temperature set for the driver's side.

3. Defrost mode

If the windshield is misting or covered in ice, press this button; the system will immediately direct its output to achieve maximum screen clearing by:

  • setting the blower speed to maximum

  • distributing air flow to the screen only.

In addition, the rear and front screen heaters* will be switched on (or their timed operating cycle will recommence if they are already switched on).

NOTE: The temperature and blower speed controls can be adjusted and air recirculation selected manually if required.

Press the ‘SCREEN’ button a second time (or select ‘AUTO’) to leave the Defrost mode - the system will default automatically to Auto mode.

4. Economy mode Press the ‘Econ’ button to operate (the display shows ‘ECON’).

In economy mode, the air conditioning compressor is switched off and the system functions as a conventional heating and ventilation system. This reduces the load on the engine, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Select Economy mode whenever air conditioning is not required i.e. in cold weather when the external temperature is lower than the temperature required for the passenger compartment.

The air distribution, blower and recirculation controls can be operated independently.

Pressing the ‘Econ’ button a second time will switch the air conditioning compressor on and return the system to Auto mode.

NOTE: In Economy mode, it is possible to switch the blower off (no segments showing in the display).

5. On/off button Press to switch on or off.

When switching on, note that the system automatically recalls the mode and control settings that were last used.

6. Blower button

Press the button to adjust the blower speed. The blower speed increases incrementally with each press of the button, until maximum fan speed is reached (the display shows five segments and the word ‘MAX’).

Once the maximum fan speed has been reached, another press of the button returns the blower to its slowest speed (one segment shows in the display).


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