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Colorado Department of Law — Annual Report 2009

Organized Crime Control Act and was sentenced to 16 years in prison by a Jefferson County District Court judge. A unit prosecutor and an investigator took the lead this year in indicting a 10-defendant pimping organization that operated in Denver, Longmont and in Glenwood Springs. The leaders of the enterprise all plead guilty to felonies and received prison sentences.

Unit prosecutors were also assigned to prosecute a six-defendant heavy equipment theft ring in Adams County. All six defendants plead guilty to felonies with many receiving prison sentences and over $150,000 in restitution being ordered by the Court to compensate the victims of the crimes. Another set of crimes that were prosecuted by this Unit in 2009 focused on identity theft. In at least three separate indictments that were handled by this Unit, a total of 12 defendants were charged with crimes that center around identity theft.

The three separate cases either were or continue to be prosecuted in Boulder, Mesa and Summit counties. Between the two lead defendants who were prosecuted in Boulder and Summit counties, unit prosecutors received 34 years in prison and court- ordered restitution of more than $45,000.

The unit also assigned an attorney and an investigator to take the lead in investigating and prosecuting multi-jurisdictional Charity Fraud schemes. In 2009 this unit indicted and successfully prosecuted two defendants in a Colorado Organized Crime Control Act scheme that involved the depriving hundreds of victims, many of whom were at-risk adults, of thousands of dollars. The two defendants both plead guilty to Colorado

Organized Crime Control Act charges and each received 16-year prison sentences.

Also in 2009, a unit prosecutor completed the Four Corners prosecutions in Durango with the two leaders of this auto theft and methamphetamine distribution enterprise being convicted of multiple felonies and Colorado Organized Crime Control Act charges. Defendant JayDee Russel was found guilty following a jury trial and was adjudicated as a habitual criminal with the Court imposing a 96-year prison sentence. The other key defendant was David Torrez who pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

The final seminal case that was handled by this Unit in 2009 was a 10-defendant Colorado Organized Crime Control Act case that involved residential burglaries, auto theft and methamphetamine distribution that occurred in Jefferson, Adams, Broomfield and Denver Counties. All 10 of the defendants plead guilty with the leader, Duy Nguyen, receiving a 30-year prison sentence.

Protecting Colorado’s citizens from the fraudulent use of state funds is an important function for the Special Prosecutions Unit. Multiple cases, including at least 11 matters of significant tax fraud, were concluded this year. The tax fraud cases as a whole resulted in more than $374,000 of restitution being ordered on behalf of the citizens of Colorado.

For example, unit prosecutors handling tax- crime cases were responsible for the conviction of a businessman in a tax fraud, securities fraud, identity theft and theft scheme resulting in approximately $150,000


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