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Colorado Department of Law — Annual Report 2009

  • Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Board staff and members of the skills Subject Matter Expert Committees conducted a total of 18 academy or program inspections. Overall, the inspections revealed that a vast majority of the academies are continuing to meet or exceed state standards. However, deficiencies were encountered at two academies and Compliance Orders were issued by the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training Director. One academy remedied its deficiencies and satisfied the Compliance Order. The other academy failed to comply with the compliance order, which is the first time that an academy has failed to comply with orders.

  • Approximately 55 to 60 Subject Matter Experts serve on the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board Subject Matter Expert Committees for Arrest Control, Driving, Firearms and Curriculum. During 2009, four new Subject Matter Expert Committee members were appointed to serve on these committees.

Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is the principle state law enforcement agency providing a leadership role in policy development and implementation of a wide range of criminal justice issues through its divisions (the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the Colorado State Patrol, the Division of Criminal Justice, Fire Safety and Homeland Security) and approximately 50 boards and commissions. Examples of the wide range of the Department of Public Safety responsibilities include statewide crime scene investigations, laboratory analyses and testimony in criminal cases; fire code inspections and certifications;

immigration enforcement on state highways; leadership of statewide commissions and multi-jurisdictional taskforces; statewide grant awards to law enforcement agencies; and the development of standards for the treatment of convicted offenders.

This Unit represents the Department of Public Safety in all civil, non-monetary litigation and provides legal advice on a wide range of issues including policy development, personnel matters, rule making, policies and procedures of boards and commissions, asset forfeitures, open records requests and subpoenas, and representation of Department of Public Safety issues in criminal prosecutions.

This Unit consists of one attorney, who also serves as counsel to the Peace Officers Standards and Training Board.

In 2009:

  • Counsel for the Department of Public Safety represented the State in two cases before the Colorado Court of Appeals, four cases in the Colorado district courts, 10 cases before the State Personnel Board, four criminal cases on behalf of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and four rulemaking hearings.

  • Issues addressed during the year included the DNA Familial Search policy, defense of the DNA database in criminal cases, renegotiation of the Colorado State Patrol-

    • U.

      S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement memorandum of agreement, presentations at board meetings, responding on behalf of the Department of Public Safety to requests for information, filing motions as needed and frequently providing legal advice to executive staff on numerous matters.


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