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  • C.

    Project Experience – Provide the experience of the Firm and/or the proposed project leaders on similar projects. Please provide information regarding a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) projects similar in both size and scope, completed within the last seven

    • (7)

      years, and include the following items in the narrative:

      • i.

        Project name and location

      • ii.

        Year completed

      • iii.

        Owner or developer representative’s name, title, address, and phone number

      • iv.

        Project description

      • v.

        Name of project manager and members of the project team

      • vi.

        Scope of services provided

  • D.

    Organization Chart: Please provide an organization chart that includes the Firm’s proposed key personnel and their responsibilities. The chart should also include any proposed subcontractors.

  • E.

    Management Plan and Schedule: Describe how the Firm plans to coordinate, schedule, staff and complete the design, development, construction and installation of the System, your reporting structure, etc, all in concert with the Construction Manager’s Project schedule, the current version of which is attached hereto as Attachment E, and which will be updated from time to time. The proposed Management Plan shall specifically include a proposed timeline for completing the work, preferably in GANTT chart format, that clearly indicates durations for design finalization, shop drawing submittal, procurement, fabrication, shipping and installation timelines for each major system.

  • F.

    Contracting Entity: Please identify the business form of contracting entity: If the proposed form of entity is a joint venture, please identify each venturer and their respective percentage of participation.

  • G.

    Form of Agreement: The proposed form of agreement is the Purchase Order attached to this RFP as Attachment D. Firms shall include with their responses to this RFP any comments or questions on the proposed form of agreement, otherwise the Selected Firm will be expected to enter into an agreement substantially in the form attached immediately upon selection.

  • H.

    Payment and Performance Bonds: Since the Selected Firm will be required to provide a Payment and Performance Bond for 100% of the value of the work, Firms shall include in their responses this RFP a letter from a surety or bonding agent confirming such Firm’s ability to provide 100% Payment and Performance Bonds.

  • I.

    Insurance: Please provide a letter from your insurance company that states that your firm’s ability to provide the Insurance described on Exhibit 7 to the Purchase Order which is attached to this RFP as Attachment D.

  • J.

    MBE/WBE: As confirmation that the selected firm agrees to abide by the MBE/WBE requirement to make good faith efforts to meet the participation goals set forth in Section

    • III.

      A hereof, include a narrative indicating how you would address MBE/WBE participation. Firms must also provide with their Proposals an executed copy of Exhibit A to the MBE/WBE Plan which is included as Attachment E.

  • K.

    Local Participation: Describe your presence, if any, in the local marketplace.

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