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6509.2 REV-5 CHG-2

should include a random selection of files (at least 2-3) as well as staff interviews (see Section 24-5 below).  This approach is consistent with the definition of “limited monitoring” provided in Chapter 1, Section 1-6.E.


PREVIOUS GUIDANCE.  Note:  Prior to the issuance of this Handbook, HUD Field Office staff may have used interim monitoring guidance sent out in August 2003.  The Exhibits and guidance in this Handbook supersede prior monitoring guidance.

C.  LEAD HAZARD CONTROL GRANTS.  For program participants that blend CPD rehabilitation assistance with Lead Hazard Control grant funds, CPD reviewers should, prior to monitoring, determine if the program participant has a current Lead Hazard Control grant because CPD reviewers may choose other projects to review in these jurisdictions for lead-based paint activities. OHHLHC has awarded HUD Lead Hazard Control grants to many State and local governments for the purpose of reducing identified lead hazards in privately owned target housing.  The lead grant program’s requirements are at least as stringent as the Lead Safe Housing Rule’s requirements for rehabilitation projects receiving up to and including $25,000 per unit.  Several jurisdictions combine their Lead Hazard Control grant funds with CPD funds to perform lead hazard control in pre-1978 units in conjunction with CPD-funded rehabilitation.  OHHLHC staff monitors lead grantees’ lead hazard control program activities.  Therefore, CPD reviewers are not responsible for monitoring compliance with the Lead Safe Housing Rule’s rehabilitation requirements for these projects.  Additional information about the Lead Hazard Control grant programs (Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control, Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration, and Operation LEAP) can be obtained via OHHLHC’s website (http://www.hud.gov/offices/lead/lhc/index.cfm.)

D.  RESOURCES.  Resources available to HUD reviewers on the requirements of the lead regulations include:

1.   Lead Disclosure Rule.  The regulation at 24 CFR Part 35, Sections 35.80 to 35.98, is available on HUD’s website at: http://www.hud.gov/offices/lead.  The three-part Interpretive Guidance with answers to frequently asked questions about the Lead Disclosure Rule is available at the same website.

2.   Lead Safe Housing Rule.  The Rule, as amended on June 21, 2004, is available on OHHLHC’s website at: http://www.hud.gov/offices/lead.  The Interpretive Guidance on the Lead Safe Housing Rule, revised to reflect the technical amendments, is also available at the same website.

3.  Training Curricula on the Lead Safe Housing Rule.  Effective monitoring is possible when reviewers understand the program participant’s lead-based paint requirements.  CPD has developed two training products on the Lead Safe Housing Rule.  Addressing Lead-Based Paint in CPD-Funded Local Housing Programs (also known as Learning the Rules) outlines the Rule’s requirements


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