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moves forward at 0.335 m/s, supported by two uniform cylindrical tree trunks, each of mass 82.0 kg and radius 0.343 m.  No slipping occurs between the block and the rollers or between the rollers and the ground.  Find the total kinetic energy of the moving objects.

76.A uniform solid sphere of radius r is placed on the inside surface of a hemispherical bowl with much larger radius R. The sphere is released from rest at an angle to the vertical and rolls without slipping (Fig. P10.76). Determine the angular speed of the sphere when it reaches the bottom of the bowl.

Figure P10.76

77.A string is wound around a uniform disk of radius R and mass M. The disk is released from rest with the string vertical and its top end tied to a fixed bar (Fig. P10.77).  Show that (a) the tension in the string is one-third the weight of the disk,  (b) the magnitude of the acceleration of the center of mass is 2g/3, and (c) the speed of the center of mass is (4gh/3)1/2  after the disk has descended through distance h.  Verify your answer to (c) using the energy approach.

Figure P10.77

78.A constant horizontal force F is applied to a lawn roller in the form of a uniform solid cylinder of radius R and mass M (Fig. P10.78). If the roller rolls without slipping on the horizontal surface, show that (a) the acceleration of the center of mass is 2F/3M and (b) the minimum coefficient of friction necessary to prevent slipping is F/3Mg. (Hint: Take the torque with respect to the center of mass.)

Figure P10.78

79.A solid sphere of mass m and radius r rolls without slipping along the track shown in Figure P10.79. It starts from rest with the lowest point of the sphere at height h above the bottom of the loop of radius R, much larger than r. (a) What is the minimum value of h (in terms of R) such that the sphere completes the loop? (b) What are the force components on the sphere at the point P if h = 3R?

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