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M and L.  Proceed to find the original unknown I.

Figure P10.28

29.Many machines employ cams for various purposes, such as opening and closing valves.  In Figure P10.29, the cam is a circular disk rotating on a shaft that does not pass through the center of the disk.  In the manufacture of the cam, a uniform solid cylinder of radius R is first machined.  Then an off-center hole of radius R/2 is drilled, parallel to the axis of the cylinder, and centered at a point a distance R/2 from the center of the cylinder.  The cam, of mass M, is then slipped onto the circular shaft and welded into place.  What is the kinetic energy of the cam when it is rotating with angular speed about the axis of the shaft?

Figure P10.29

Section 10.6 Torque

30.The fishing pole in Figure P10.30 makes an angle of 20.0° with the horizontal. What is the torque exerted by the fish about an axis perpendicular to the page and passing through the fisher's hand?

Figure P10.30

31. Find the net torque on the wheel in Figure P10.31 about the axle through O if a = 10.0 cm and b = 25.0 cm.

Figure P10.31

32.The tires of a 1 500-kg car are 0.600 m in diameter and the coefficients of friction with the road surface are s =

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