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Planning, conducting and consolidating field trips Here is a checklist to help you plan your field trip thoroughly:

Stage 1: Plan and prepare at school


Before going on your field trip, plan the logistics thoroughly:

Plan the field trip so that it relates to your work schedule and investigation focus (e.g. Will you have covered the concepts and developed the skills needed before you go on the field trip? Have you taken natural processes like seasons and tides into account when scheduling your field trip?). Obtain permission from the education authorities and complete the necessary application / indemnity forms. Book the fieldwork venue and transport in good time. Ensure far in advance that funding is available (e.g. budget school funds, organise a fundraising drive). Inform all stakeholders about the field trip and request assistance if necessary (e.g. principal, other teachers,

parents, learners).

Draw up a programme that provides adequate time for travel, orientation, investigations and relaxation.

Design the learning activities, or discuss the programme with the education officer at the field trip venue

to ensure that their programme suits your needs. Organise equipment and other learning support materials required.

Pack a first-aid kit and ensure that there are at least two competent first-aiders on the trip.


Prepare the learners well at school so that they know: Why they are going on a field trip and how this relates to the work they are doing at school;

Where they are going and what to expect; When the field trip is and what the programme for the day will be;

What to wear and take with them (kit list);

What they will be doing on the field trip (itinerary, activities);

Who will be working with whom and who is responsible for what (form groups, assign responsibilities); How you expect them to behave and what to do in an emergency.


Plan the investigation with the learners, encouraging them to share what they already know, pose questions

about what they would like to find out, identify what they need to research (read / ask), and decide which aspects

of the issue they will investigate practically.

Make sure that learners are familiar with terms and concepts they will use on the field trip. Encourage learners to research the issues you will be investigating on the field trip. Provide learners with opportunities to practise fieldwork skills in the school grounds or neighbourhood.


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