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Rare, threatened, extinct … scientists use these and other terms to describe the status of plant and animal populations in nature. What do the terms mean, and are any of the plants and animals in the lowlands of the City of Cape Town rare,

threatened or extinct? In this activity, you will define these terms in your own words and find out more about some of C a p e T o w n s s p e c i a l a n d t h r e a t e n e d p l a n t a n d a n i m a l s p e c i e s a n d w h y t h e y n e e d o u r h e l p .


Grade 7-9

Learning Outcome 2:

Constructing Science Knowledge The learner will know and be able to interpret and apply scientific, technological and environmental knowledge. Assessment Standards

  • Recalls meaningful information.

  • Categorises information.

  • Interprets information.

Learning Outcome 3:

Science, Society and the Environment The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships between science and technology, society and the environment. Assessment Standard

  • Understands sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

Learning Activity 1: What does it mean?

  • Read or search Module 1: Nature on your doorstep and Module 5: Rare, threatened and extinct and find the following terms: critically endangered, endangered, endemic, extinct, extinct in the wild, indigenous, rare, Red List (Red Data Book), species, vulnerable.

  • Use your dictionary, information and definitions in the e-Kapa website, and any other sources to work out a definition of each of these terms in your own words.

  • Write your list of terms and definitions in your own handwriting and hand it in for assessment.

Learning Activity 2: Matching meanings

  • After compiling and handing in your list of definitions, check your knowledge by

completing the Computer-based Activity Conservation Definitions in Module 5.

Learning Activity 3: Threatened species categories

  • Go to the spreadsheet of plants and animals on the lowlands poster / picture (Module 1: Nature on your doorstep). Find all the plant and animal species that are threatened with extinction (these are classified as vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered or extinct in the wild).

  • Using the common names of plants and animals, draw up a table with four columns (categories of threatened species) and two rows (plants or animals) that shows which species are vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered or extinct in the wild. Give the table a relevant heading.


Assessment tasks and tools

  • List of terms with definitions

in own words.

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Terms and definitions

matched correctly.

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Table listing threatened species of plants and animals in the lowlands of the City of Cape Town.

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