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Learning Activity 4: Our special species

  • Go to the list of plants and animals on the lowlands poster / picture (Module 1: Nature on your doorstep). In pairs or small groups select one plant or animal species that is listed as either vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered

or extinct in the wild. Do research on your plant or animal species:

First click on the picture of your species on the interactive poster to find information on that species (in the related spreadsheet). Look for more information in books or on websites e.g. www.plantzafrica.com,

, or by talking to knowledgeable people in your community. Answer the questions in the worksheet below.

When you have answered all the questions, design and produce an information sheet on your endangered or extinct species. You can do this by hand or on the computer,

using a programme like MS Word or PowerPoint.

    • Give your information sheet a clear heading (scientific name of the species)

    • Copy or draw a line drawing of the species and colour it in correctly, using photographs of the species or information from the poster.

    • Summarise your findings under the following headings: common name(s); conservation status (e.g. endangered, vulnerable, etc); description; natural distribution (where it is found); importance in nature; importance to people; threats to survival; efforts to conserve the species

    • Make sure that your information sheet is effectively designed and neatly produced.

  • Share your information sheet with the class and participate in a discussion, guided by your teacher, on how we can help to conserve threatened species in our city.


Assessment tasks and tools

  • Well designed, illustrated information sheet covering the categories of information listed in the activity outline and worksheet.

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