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Nature struggles to survive in cities. The City of Cape Town is looking for a publicity company to help them convince the public to value and protect urban nature.

C a n y o u c o n v i n c e t h e C i t y t o e m p l o y y o u r p u b l i c r e l a t i o n s c o m p a n y t o d o t h e j o b ? I n t h i s a c t i v i t y , y o u r g r o u p w i l l d e s i g n

and produce a visual media product (e.g. a TV or magazine advertisement, billboard or poster campaign, series of branded

goods, etc) to raise awareness about the importance of conserving nature in the City of Cape Town.


Grade 9

Learning Outcome 1:

Creating, Interpreting and Presenting The learner will be able to create, interpret and present work in each of the art forms. Assessment Standard

  • Create art, craft or design works that:

    • translate ideas or concepts into a visual form;

    • demonstrate the confident use of elements and principles of design.

Learning Outcome 4:

Expressing and Communicating The learner will be able to analyse and use multiple forms of communication and expression in Arts and Culture. Assessment Standard

  • Apply skills of media production, while considering the target group, purpose and design elements.

Learning Activity 1: Finding a focus

  • Divide into small groups, each representing a public relations company. Decide on a name for your company.

  • Look at the mind map (below) to see some of the reasons why people value nature. Your group will choose one of these reasons to focus on.

  • Read up about the particular aspect of nature that your group is focusing on. Make notes on your worksheet (Question 3). See, for example, Module 1: Nature on your Doorstep.

  • What type of people will be interested in this particular aspect of nature (e.g. age range, socio-economic group, interests)? Decide on a “target group” and explain on your worksheet why you think this group will be interested in this aspect of nature (Question 5).

  • Look at your notes and decide on the key message that you want to get across to your target group.

  • Decide on which visual medium will be most effective to get your message across to your target group (e.g. TV advert, branded goods, magazine advert, billboard or poster campaign, etc).

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Complete the worksheet


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