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  • In your own words, explain three ways in which poorly managed urban development can increase the risk of flooding. (Note to the educator: This may include the fact that more paved surfaces decrease infiltration and increase volume and rate of run-off; importing water from other catchments increases the volume of waste water and sewage; building in seasonal wetlands increases flood risk in winter; poor maintenance of stormwater drains and sewerage systems increases risk of flooding due to blockages; frequent fires on the mountain increase the risk of flooding due to mudslides.)

Learning Activity 3: Managing the flood risk

  • Every year, people come to Cape Town looking for work. Most arrive in summer when the seasonal wetlands are dry and build their shacks in informal settlements on the Cape Flats, thinking that all is well. Unfortunately, these areas often become flooded in winter, forcing people to vacate their homes, causing health problems and damage to property.

  • During winter, collect newspaper articles on flooding on the Cape Flats. Also read the section on Post-Apartheid developments and challenges in Module 3: A brief human history; and the City of Cape Town’s media release on winter floods: www.capetown.gov.za/press/Newpress.asp?itemcode=1654.

  • Answer the questions on the risks and impacts of flooding in the worksheet provided.

Learning Activity 4: Educating the community

  • Divide into groups of about four learners. Imagine that you are a team of community educators from the Disaster Risk Management Centre at the City of Cape Town. Design an education campaign to help people in Cape Flats informal settlements avoid risks associated with winter storms and flooding. www.capetown.gov.za/press/Newpress.asp?itemcode=1654.

    • List at least five practical things people can do to reduce risks of flooding and

storm damage in winter.

  • State how you would inform people in informal settlements.


Assessment tasks and tools

  • Individual learners complete

the worksheet provided.

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Groups of learners present their ideas for a risk management education

  • Educator assesses content of presentations.

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