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Learning Activity 3: Restoring urban nature

  • Imagine that the City of Cape Town has decided to undertake a Greening the City programme to try to restore natural habitats in the City. They have circulated a document (below) asking landscaping companies to tender for greening contracts in particular suburbs.

  • Form small groups, each representing a landscaping company that wishes to apply for a contract to green one of the suburbs in the City.

  • Select a suburb and do research on the computer to find the information required by the tender document (below).

    • For information on soils and vegetation types, see Module 2: Four unique ecosystems.

    • For information on indigenous greening and selecting plants, see Module 10: Planting indigenous.

    • For information on urban nature conservation, see Module 6: Conserving Nature in the City.

  • Make a computer folder where you can save information, maps and pictures needed for your project.

  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of no more than eight slides, or a verbal presentation plus a written report of no more than five pages.

  • Present your report to the class, who will help with assessment.

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Educator to assess written proposal or PowerPoint presentation, based on requirements of the “tender document”.

  • Educator and learners to assess verbal or PowerPoint presentation and provide feedback, based on a rubric.

Tender Document

Restoring nature in the City of Cape Town through indigenous greening

The City of Cape Town is offering contracts to landscaping companies that specialise in indigenous greening. Each company will develop a plan to green one of the suburbs of Cape Town with indigenous plants that grow well in that particular area.

Companies wishing to tender for this contract must produce a brief written proposal and give a verbal presentation to a selection committee from the Environmental Resource Management Department of the City of Cape Town.

The report and presentation must:

  • Name and show on a map the suburb where the company wishes to work

  • State which soils and vegetation types occur in the suburb

  • List the areas in the suburb where the company plans to plant indigenous plants (e.g. parks, road verges, schools, etc)

  • List / show examples of water-wise, indigenous plants that your company will plant in the suburb, selecting species (types) that grow well in local soils. Include at least one tree species, two shrubs and three ground covers.

  • Explain how indigenous greening can promote sustainable living / sustainable development in the City of Cape Town (give at least three reasons).


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