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Learning Activity 2: Sharing our family’s story

  • Where possible, find answers to the research questions you compiled (or complete the worksheet).

  • Use this information to develop a written or verbal presentation on how your family came to be living in Cape Town.

  • Show in your presentation that you understand the circumstances that brought your family to Cape Town (e.g. political, economic, social or environmental factors at particular stages in history).

  • If possible, use computer technology to develop your presentation

    • (e.

      g. type your report; prepare a PowerPoint presentation or a website).

  • Draw up a list of sources used and indicate, on a scale of 1 to 5, how you would rate the reliability of the different sources (1 unreliable; 5 very reliable).

Learning Activity 3: Mapping our origins

  • Give your presentations, either to the whole class or in small groups.

  • Mark on a map of the world all the places of origin mentioned by the class.

  • As a class, summarise the reasons why people left their previous homes, and the reasons why they settled in Cape Town. Which historical events and processes had the greatest influence on the families represented in your class?

  • Discuss how Cape Town has changed over the years, according to your families.

  • As part of the class discussion, reflect on the variety of sources used by the class. Discuss which were most / least reliable. What can you do to improve the reliability of your sources?


Assessment tasks and tools

  • Written notes based on the questions developed by the learners.


Completed worksheet.

List of sources rated in terms of reliability.

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Educator and/or peers assess presentations using a rubric.

  • Gauge general understanding from class discussion.

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