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Racial policies of South African governments during the twentieth century, such as various Group Areas Acts and Influx Control, had a significant impact on how the City of Cape Town developed. In this activity, you will read an account of the development of the City of Cape Town and draw up a time line that summarises significant events and policies that impacted on development in the City. You will discuss how these developments set the scene for current environmental and social problems in the City, and consider whether or not political change has improved social and environmental conditions in the lowlands.


Grade 9

Learning Outcome 2:

Historical Knowledge and Understanding The learner will be able to demonstrate historical knowledge and understanding. Assessment Standards

  • Places events, people and changes in the periods of history studied within a chronological framework.

  • Identifies categories of causes and effects (immediate and long term, direct and indirect).

  • Explains and analyses the reasons for and results of events in history.

  • Recognises that change and development does not always mean progress.

Core Knowledge and Concepts

  • Apartheid in South Africa

Learning Activity 1: A Cape Town time line

  • In Module 3: A brief human history read the sections Urbanisation and Apartheid and Post-Apartheid developments and challenges. As you read, look for dates and events that had an impact on population growth, the movement and settlement of people, and urban development in the City.

  • Look at the maps showing stages of urban development in Cape Town to see when different areas developed.

  • Complete the Computer-based Activity on building a time line in Module 3.

  • Draw up your own time line, either in your notebook or on the computer, showing significant dates and events in the development of Cape Town. Use the Computer- based Activity as a guideline, but add other relevant dates and events. Consult other sources of historical information if necessary (e.g. www.sahistory.org.za),

  • Write notes on how these events or policies affected the development of Cape Town.

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Time line showing significant dates, events and developments.

Here is an example of a few segments of a time line. You can copy and expand this if you wish

Date 1902 1926 1994

Event / Policy Location Act Langa township developed First democratic elections

Effect on development in Cape Town Black people in urban areas were restricted to living in townships Township development expanded beyond Ndabeni The Apartheid era was officially ended


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