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Learning Activity 2: Producing an environmental story

  • Contact organisations like C.A.P.E., the Botanical Society, WESSA and Friends Groups for copies of environmental newsletters. Many of these are available electronically as well as in hard copy.

  • Combine pairs of learners into groups of four. Each group takes one newsletter to analyse. In class, draw up a list of components of environmental newsletters

    • (e.

      g. title, contact details, editorial, articles, personality profiles, advertisements, etc).

  • Conduct a brainstorm in the class and list environmental projects, issues and personalities in the school and community.

  • Each small group of “environmental reporters” identifies one story they would like to report on in the newsletter. Spend two weeks, including time in class, on the following tasks:

      • Research the story (e.g. read up about the topic, carry out investigations and

Assessment tasks and tools

  • Learners draw up a class list of components of environmental newsletters.

  • Learners review and give feedback on draft stories written by peers using assessment checklist.

Educator assesses final stories produced by “teams of reporters.

interviews, take photographs); Draft the story (write or type);

R e v i e w a n d c o m m e n t o n a n o t h e r g r o u p s s t o r y ;

Edit and finalise the story and produce it as a one-page typed document (including a title, text, photos and captions).

Peer Assessment Checklist

Article Title Group members

Did this group

  • write logically and clearly?

  • use correct spelling and grammar?

  • use appropriate language and style?

  • avoid bias?

  • present a convincing argument?



P l e a s e w r i t e c o m m e n t s o n t h e d r a f t o f y o u r p e e r s w o r k i n p e n c i l , t o s h o w t h e m w h i c h p a r t s o f t h e i r s t o r y y o u l i k e a n where you think they could improve their story or writing style. d


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