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We rely on nature for everything from food and clean water to building materials, fuel, clothing and medicine. Many people

also enjoy observing and learning about nature, as well as the recreational opportunities nature provides. Urban development

often destroys natural areas and the plants and animals that live there. Should we allow the last remaining natural areas in our city to be destroyed? Do people who value these areas have a right to insist that they are protected and wisely managed? This role-play explores some of the reasons why people value nature and want to conserve it.


Grade 7 and 8

Learning Outcome 3:

Speaking The learner will be able to communicate confidently and effectively in spoken language in a wide range of situations. Assessment Standards

  • Communicates ideas and feelings expressively with confidence, using selected oral text types.

C o m m u n i c a t e s i d e a s , f a c t s a n d o p i n i o n s c l e a r l y a n d w i t h s o m e a c c u r a c y a n d c o h e r e n c e , u s i n g a r a n g e o f f a c t u a l o r a l

text types.

  • Demonstrates basic interaction skills by participating actively in group discussions and debates.

Learning Outcome 4:

Thinking and Reasoning The learner will be able to use language to think and reason, as well as to access, process and use information for learning. Assessment Standard

  • Uses language to think and reason.

  • Explains cause and effect.

  • Weighs options by deciding which of two alternatives is the better choice.

  • Expresses and develops a clear personal viewpoint.

  • Supports an argument with various kinds of evidence.


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