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Learning Activity 1: Values of nature In pairs, look at the poster picture of the natural environment in Cape Town on the e-Kapa website (Module 1: Nature on your doorstep). Discuss the following statement with your partner: “Nature has no right to survive in our City”. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Share your opinions during a guided class discussion. Draw up a list of reasons for and against the statement.


Assessment tasks and tools • Compile a class list of reasons why people do and do not value nature. The educator uses this opportunity to gauge learners’ reasoning and communication skills.

Learning Activity 2: My role, my opinion Consider the issue of the development of the shopping centre (see Role-play Situation box). This development will destroy a natural area similar to the one on the poster picture you looked at in Activity 1. Each pair of learners researches one of the roles on the Role-Play cards. Each card describes one of the community members who will speak about the value of nature at the awareness day. Read about your character (on a card or on the screen) and imagine why nature is special to him or her. How will the development of the shopping centre affect your character? Read the e-Kapa module referred to on the card to find more information on why each character values nature. Discuss and write down at least three arguments each character could use to try to convince the community to conserve nature rather than build a shopping centre. Meet with all other learners who researched the same character as you and share what you discussed in pairs. Develop a reasoned argument for conserving this natural area that their character could present at the awareness day. Select one person from each group to present these arguments in the role play.

Assessment tasks and tools • Each pair writes up and hands in the list of reasons for conserving nature that they came up with.

Role-Play Situation Citizens speak up for nature

A developer is planning to build a shopping centre on the last remaining patch of natural veld in your community. Many members of the community want the development to go ahead because it will centralise shopping and make it more convenient. It may create jobs and they think it will upgrade the suburb and raise the value of their properties.

However, some people are concerned because they appreciate the value of this natural area and don’t want to see it destroyed. They decide to organise an Awareness Day and ask five members of the community to explain the value of the area to others.


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