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Probably the best thing to do is have some caffeine whenever you really need to be awake and alert, but consume it sparingly so that its lively benefits don’t diminish, and you don’t become addicted.

Meet Freida Hood

Frieda Hood is the Lead Community Support Services Qualified professional at Waynesboro Family Clinic in Goldsboro. Waynesboro Family Clinic employs six community support workers.

“Our Community Support Workers interview individuals who are struggling with the challenges of living in our complex world. We help each consumer and the consumer’s family get the special help the individual needs. With the customer’s full participation we develop a “Person Centered Plan,” which defines that person’s special challenges and needs, and then we assist them in getting the supports and assistance they need.”

“Our community support workers act as “first responders” around the clock whenever one of our customers is in a crisis. Anyone interested in learning more about our community support services is welcome to call me (Frieda Hood) at 9197346676.”

Have You Been Informed About Informed Consent?

If your doctor determined you had a chronic illness like diabetes, your doctor would be expected to provide you with information about diabetes including the short and long term risks, what could go wrong, medications to treat your diabetes, side effects, and information about everything you need to know to treat your diabetes.

The same is true for any heart condition, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, and so on. Psychiatric illnesses are medical conditions, and you have the same right to know everything about your particular illness as someone who has been diagnosed with emphysema or pneumonia.

Your doctor and the other health care providers who work with your psychiatrist are expected to teach you and your family all about your particular illness including all of the symptoms, what you can expect for the future, what medications you may need to take, any side effects, and the potential for remission as well as the risk of relapse.

Informed consent also includes telling you about all of your rights, such as the right to have an advocate or representative of your choosing accompany you to your appointments. You even have the right to refuse treatment, but if you choose to do so, the doctor and support staff are required to inform

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