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Recruitment Strategies

The agency should tailor their recruitment strategy to meet the need for the specific position and the agency’s goals, as well as attract a diverse pool of applicants.  

Does the agency develop a specific recruiting and marketing plan to identify how and who they need to contact to help achieve finding the best candidates?

Does the agency have a plan to recruit qualified applicants who represent the diversity of the State or local service area?

Does the agency compare its workforce demographics to the State, county or local labor force demographics?

Does the agency utilize specialized recruitment strategies to attract hard-to-find, qualified candidates?

What recruitment strategies are utilized to attract hard-to-find qualified candidates? (Ideally executive search firms, internet job sites, local and regional newspapers, job fairs, professional organizations, civic organizations, networking, Employment Security Department, etc.)

Does the agency track the effectiveness of different recruiting methods?

Are recruitment sources periodically evaluated to assure they meet the needs of the agency and return on investment calculated?

Recruitment Process and Hiring

Recruitment procedures should be developed and administered in compliance with all applicable agency policies, bargaining agreements, laws, regulations, and professional standards.

Is a job analysis conducted to identify the key responsibilities of a position prior to announcement?

Are required qualifications reviewed prior to position announcements to assure they are job related?

Are preferred qualifications reviewed prior to position announcements to assure they are job related?

Does the agency’s HR staff assure all applicants selected for employment meet the posted qualifications for the position?

What percentage of job announcements identify the competencies needed to perform the job?


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