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        • Ischemic regions are already max dilated, so this drug-induced vasodilation increases flow to health arteries and promotes stealing of blood from diseased segments to perfuse other parts

        • Cold spots are visible in image

  • Coronary Angiography

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      Contrast material injected into arteryÆregions of stenosis are visible

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        Low risk, but more than the non-invasive tests

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        Gold standard for CAD diagnosis

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        But you always have to think about the functional effects on the patient

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        Does not tell you anything about the composition of the plaque and whether it is likely to rupture

Natural History:

  • We don’t know why some plaques rupture and some don’t.

  • Location and extent of stenosis relates to mortality

  • Some predictors of mortality =

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      Degree of impaired LV contractile function

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        Poor exercise capacity

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        Anginal symptoms

  • Stop smoking, eat less fat, lower cholesterol, control BP, control diabetes mellitus, get more exercise

Treatment: goal of treatment is to reduce the frequency of anginal attacks by restoring balance of supply and demand, prevent MI, prolong survival.

Acute Anginal Attack

  • Stop physical activity

  • Sublingual nitroglycerin = drug of choice

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      Works mostly through venodilation = preload, O2 consumption

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        Also dilates coronary arteriesÆ may not help much of the vessels are already max dilated

Preventing Recurrent Ischemic Episodes: decrease cardiac workload and reduce demand

  • Organic Nitrates

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      SYMPTOMATIC RELIEF ONLY Æ will not prolong survival

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        Sublingual or spray = rapid onset

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        Can be used prophylactically

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        Longer acting options

        • Isosorbide dinitrate or transdermal patches of nitroglycerin

        • Drug tolerance limits effectiveness

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        Side effects= headache, palpitations, tachycardia

  • Beta Blockers

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        Reduce myocardial oxygen demand


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