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Dallas District Director US Department of Labor / OFCCP 525 South Griffin St. Room 512 Dallas, TX 75202

If a contract has been awarded and a work order issued, a Contractor should normally not be denied access to a project only because a preconstruction conference has not been held. However, a preconstruction conference is a necessity for a successful start on many projects. Therefore, to allow a Resident Engineer as much time as possible to schedule a conference before the work order is issued, an awards list will be faxed to the Districts as soon as it is available. The Districts will then advise the Resident Engineers which of their projects have been awarded. The Resident Engineer will then schedule a preconstruction conference as soon as practical. The awards list is usually available three to five work days after the letting.

Prior to the Pre-Construction Conference, the Resident Engineer should be furnished a full and complete set of plans including profile and cross-sections, Specifications and Special Provisions on the job and all applicable Utility Agreements which are available. When the job documents are received, the Resident Engineer and principal personnel shall make themselves thoroughly familiar with their contents. They should make field inspection trips to become thoroughly familiar with the job site and well acquainted with the plan requirements and existing field conditions prior to the conference.

The Resident Engineer will preside over the conference and shall be responsible for the conference agenda, for conducting the discussions, for keeping notes, and for preparing written documentation of the conference discussions. This written record of the conference will be prepared in letter form addressed to the District Engineer. Particular attention should be made to include discussions and information regarding utility relocations in the conference record, especially any discussions or changes in utility completion dates. Copies should be provided to the Construction Engineer, to the Utilities Section, to all participants, to invited parties not attending, and to the project file. Tape recording of the conference, while not required, may be beneficial in preparing this documentation and for future reference. A list of attendees should either be incorporated into the written record or attached to the copies distributed to all parties.

Among the subjects to be discussed as they may apply to the project are the following:

  • 1.

    Cooperation with Utility Owners, the Public and other Contractors.

  • 2.

    Discussion of existing utilities, utility work orders, etc. Include in the discussion the current status of each utility’s relocation work and try to obtain a specific date for completion of the work.

  • 3.

    Coordination with Railroads involved.

  • 4.

    Equal Employment Opportunity and Labor Compliance requirements:

    • DBE goals and DBEs listed in the Contract to fulfill that goal.

    • Reminder that all subcontracts and DBE purchase orders must be approved by the Department before work is begun.

    • Discussion of assistance that Prime Contractor can give DBEs and the need to obtain Department approval for that assistance.

    • Discussion of Engineer’s project level monitoring of DBE utilization.

    • DBEs listed in the Contract must perform the work proposed on the DBE Participation form unless otherwise approved by the Department.

    • Contractor's and Subcontractor's payroll and submission.

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