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108.05 Suspension and Resumption Orders. The Chief Engineer has the authority to suspend the work wholly or in part for such period as may be deemed necessary. The Chief Engineer may write the letters of suspension/resumption, or may direct that they be written. The letter forms shown in Figures 108-2 and 108-3 should be used for suspension/resumption orders. Note that the only date shown on the example is the date of the suspension or resumption.

The original of each notice is to be submitted by the office which prepares the suspension/resumption order to the District Engineer for recommendation and forwarding to the Construction Office for further handling. After approval by the Chief Engineer, distribution will be made by the Construction Office.

The effective date of the suspension or resumption will be specified in the order. An extension of contract time, when appropriate due to suspension/resumption orders, must be documented by approved Change Order. The Resident Engineer shall attach the Change Order to the resumption order. Specific guidance as to the necessity for or the amount of the extension may be provided in the suspension or resumption order.

108.06 Determination and Extension of Contract Time. The charging of time and subsequent assessment of liquidated damages are very important matters. A fair and uniform interpretation of the specifications governing time charges is to be applied by project supervisory personnel on a day-to-day basis. Time charges will be made in accordance with Subsection 108.06 of the Standard Specifications. Contract time will be specified in the contract as a Fixed Completion Date or as Working Days.

(a) Fixed Completion Date. When the contract time is specified as a Fixed Completion Date, the specified date is the date on or before which all work on the project is to be substantially completed. The contract time is the number of days between the date of the Work Order and the Fixed Completion Date, both dates inclusive. The rate of progress and extensions of time due to overruns will be based on this contract time. The diary and the current estimates should show the lapsed calendar days since the effective date of the work order as a ratio to the contract time as defined above. Lapsed calendar days continue to increase even during a suspension.

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