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further time charges will be made under normal circumstances. This date shall then be used on the Semi-Final or Final Inspection Report as the date work was substantially

complete. For additional information, see Subsection 105.09 of this Manual.

(e) Extension of Contract Time. ALL extensions of contract time must be documented by Change Order, except for time extensions due to overruns. In order that all requests from the Contractor for extension of time may be properly reviewed and evaluated, the Resident Engineer MUST include sufficient information in the diary to document the nature and extent of any unanticipated delays which are not the fault of the Contractor. Working conditions for the entire job (or controlling phases) must be shown as either "GOOD" or "POOR" to reduce confusion at a later date as to their significance with respect to extensions of time. (If working conditions are shown for controlling phases, the Resident Engineer must include a daily statement identifying the controlling

phases.) (f) Notification of Time Charges.

On contracts utilizing "Work Days",

Subsection 108.06(c) of the Standard Specifications requires the Department to furnish the Contractor with a written statement showing each working day charged during the preceding estimate period, along with the total days charged to date. The Resident Engineer will transmit this information to the Contractor at the end of each job’s estimate period, regardless of whether an estimate is processed or not. The Resident Engineer should do this utilizing Figure 108-4 or similar form letter, and retain a copy for his file.

On contracts utilizing “Site Use” time, site use time assessments should also be notated on this letter.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to routinely send a copy of this letter to the Construction Office.

108.07 Liquidated Damages. Liquidated damages are to be assessed on every project whenever the contract time has expired and the work is not complete. Liquidated damages will NOT be withheld for overtime which accrues during a suspension. The number of days on which liquidated damages is assessed shall be adjusted if the contract time has been extended by Change Order or when the total of all payments to the Contractor on current estimates has exceeded 100% of the original contract value. Such adjustments will be verified by the Construction Office. Adjustments ARE NOT permitted for anticipated overruns.

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