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Prior to preparing this letter, the job records should be reviewed to determine if there are special circumstances that might indicate that a letter is not warranted. If the percent of time exceeds the percent of work by 25% or more, and the Resident determines that a letter to the contractor is not warranted, the Resident Engineer should write a memo to the District Engineer, with a copy to the Construction Engineer, explaining the special circumstances associated with the project. The District Engineer should then determine whether any further action should be taken.

After having notified the contractor of their slow progress, the Resident Engineer should continue to monitor the situation. If a satisfactory reply is not received from the Contractor and marked improvement in progress is not noted within a reasonable period of time, the Resident Engineer should advise the District Engineer by memo.

After receiving such notice from the Resident Engineer of the Contractor's lack of acceptable action, the District Engineer should write a letter to the contractor. The District Engineer should also, in most cases, write a letter to the Contractor when the percent of time exceeds work by 50% or more. The District Engineer should advise the Contractor that further action by the Department will be recommended if a satisfactory reply is not received within 10 calendar days regarding what the Contractor intends to do to alleviate the situation.

If a satisfactory reply is not received by the District Engineer within ten days, the District Engineer should apprise the State Construction Engineer of the situation, by memo, with his recommendation for further action.

In addition to the notification procedures listed above, the Resident Engineer shall advise the Contractor, by letter, when a project goes into overtime. The letter should include percent of work complete at that time as well as notification that liquidated damages will be assessed in accordance with Standard Specification 108.07.

The Surety and the Resident Agent for the Surety shall be furnished copies of all correspondence to the contractor regarding progress. The names of the Surety and Resident Agent are normally shown on the Work Order.

    • 108.09

      Daily Work Reports and Resident Engineer’s Diary

      • (a)

        SiteManager Daily Work Reports/Diary. The chief project inspector is required to

create a Daily Work Report (DWR) on all projects utilizing SiteManager. The Resident Engineer must review and authorize each DWR and make the time charge assessment (either to charge or not charge a day) for each day. See the AHTD SiteManager User Guide for Inspectors and User Guide for Resident Engineer Offices for specific steps in creating and authorizing DWRs). See Figure 108-6 for a description of the basic DWR. REMEMBER THAT ONLY THE AUTHOR (THE INSPECTOR) CAN CHANGE A DWR PRIOR TO ITS APPROVAL. The Office Technician and Resident Engineer review the DWR and have the inspector make any changes needed before the Resident authorizes the DWR.

Daily work reports should be created on a daily basis and be reviewed, authorized, and uploaded to the server by the Resident Engineer each week. Only authorized DWRs are considered as the official project record (diary). The Resident

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