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Engineer shall advise the District Construction Engineer and the Construction Office by e-mail when a week of DWRs for all projects in his/her office have been authorized and uploaded to the server.


The intent of the Daily Work Reports in SiteManager is to show the accomplishments on a daily basis. This is accomplished by showing

contractors’ the location

and on

quantities of


the project.


items (work items) installed by each contractor/subcontractor DWR Remark Fields “Contractors Work-Roadway” and

“Contractors Work – Structures” will be used to show non-pay item work (such as setting forms, stripping forms, blading and disking subgrade, etc.), and work accomplished by the contractor or subcontractor that is not completed to the point that a work item may be


Actual pay item work is recorded on the Work Items tab.

Always remember that the authorized Daily Work Report and any supporting documents are invaluable in case of an audit of the project records and in case of claims filed by the contractor. The remarks and work item quantities and locations should clearly indicate the work accomplished, conditions on the project, and any events to a reviewer. The DWR remarks must be clear and concise and exclude irrelevant detail. Efforts must be made to include remarks and information regarding decisions that are made, instructions that are given, disputes, etc. Particular attention should be made to record appropriate remarks regarding conversations or directions regarding payment or non-payment of work performed by the Contractor for future reference in a dispute or

claim situation.

Figure 108-7 is a sample










assessed on the basis of working days.

The Diary in SiteManager is the tool utilized to review and authorize the inspector’s Daily Work Report and to make the official time charge for the day. The Time Charged and Working Conditions remarks recorded by the Inspectors are to be taken into consideration in making the final time charge decision for the Diary. If the Resident Engineer disagrees with the Time Charged remark included in the DWR by the inspector, the inspector should be instructed to correct the remark on the DWR before the RE authorizes it. See Section (c) below for common items for diaries/daily work reports in SiteManager and on non-SiteManager projects.

(b) Resident Engineer's Diary (For Non- SiteManager Jobs Only). The Resident Engineer is required to prepare and maintain a diary on all assigned projects that are not being administered using SiteManager. It is necessary that the diary contain certain basic historical information. This information is necessary for the proper processing of the Final Estimate and is invaluable when claims arise. In the interest of uniformity, a form is provided for use in recording the basic data for each day's entries. Spaces are provided on the form for the minimum required information. A sample of this form (Resident Engineer's Construction Diary, Form 19-214) is shown in Figure 108-8.

The Diary, Form 19-214, is usually compiled from written reports prepared by the Resident Engineer's personnel. It shall be signed by the reporting individual, initialed by the Resident Engineer, and retained in the office files. This work copy should be compiled on a daily basis and the official copy typed weekly (Sunday through Saturday).

These written diary forms shall be filed in a separate folder for each contract and kept by the Resident Engineer as part of the job records until after the Final Estimate is paid. It is to be available for use by the Construction Office upon request.

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