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22. Placed Quantity Field – The quantity of this pay item placed this date. This quantity will be paid to the contractor after the DWR has been authorized by the RE and the estimate has been generated.

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    The Contractor or Subcontractor performing the work for this item.

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    Location Field – The inspector should show an accurate location where the work was

performed/installed. Examples: Sta. 10+00 – 11+50 Lt; Cap, Bent 2, Br. 6453; etc. This field must be completed for every pay item entry. 25. Measured Indicator – A check mark in this box indicates that the pay quantity reported in Field 22 is based on actual field measurements. Any other basis of estimate is to be shown using the Remarks function (see 26 below). 26. Remarks icon – Wavy lines inside of this balloon indicate that the inspector has recorded remarks about this pay location. Remarks may include measurements and calculations supporting the pay quantity reported, additional comments regarding the item or location, or the basis of estimate used to determine the placed quantity (if other than actual field measurement). 27. Station to Station – used if needed to provide additional information to clearly identify the location where the item was installed.

Figure 108-6 Daily Work Report (continued)

Figure 108-7 DWR Preview for Working Day Project

Rev. 2-16-04

Page 100-106

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