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109.01 General. (a) By the terms of the contract, the Contractor agrees to perform all work necessary to construct a complete facility in accordance with the plans and specifications. The Department agrees to pay the Contractor for the quantities of work actually performed at the unit prices established by the Contract or by Change Order. In order that the correct payment to the Contractor can be made, the Department must determine the quantities of work actually performed for all pay items.

The determination of the quantity of work actually performed requires some type of measurement. The specific type and method of measurement depends on the nature of the item being measured. Subsection 109.01 of the Standard Specifications specifies the method of measurement to be used for the various types of items and more specific details are provided in the sections which describe the items. The requirements of the Standard Specifications must be strictly followed.

All pay items are measured by one of the following general methods:

  • 1.

    Original and Final cross-sections (ALL earthwork items unless specified by volume in trucks).

  • 2.

    By weight in trucks.

  • 3.

    By volume in trucks.

  • 4.

    Field Counting (such as traffic drums, etc.).

  • 5.

    Linear measurements (lengths such as for curb, etc.)

  • 6.

    Linear measurements from which area and/or volume are computed.

  • 7.

    Observation and verification of work completed. (i.e., items paid in units of Lump Sum, Complete Item, etc., and items where plan quantities are considered as final.)

For some items, these measurements provide data which is used to calculate the pay quantity (such as weight of reinforcing steel, concrete volumes, etc.). In such cases, both the measurements and the calculations are considered parts of the measuring process.

For many items, the Standard Specifications state that plan quantity will be the Final Quantity unless there is clear evidence that the plan quantity is incorrect. The Resident Engineer must verify the plan quantities for ALL such items. This verification should be done before the work on that item is started, and in the case of Removal items, MUST be done before the item is removed.

(b) Systems of Measurement. All projects will be designated in either US Standard units or in metric units. The unit of measure designated by the contract, be it metric or US Standard, will be the governing dimension for all inspection, testing, staking, and quantities on the project. All measurements of pay quantities must be made using the system of measurement used in the contract.


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