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designated as SiteManager DWR Support Documentation and must be reviewed, checked, and initaled by the Office Technician. This file will be kept in the RE Office throughout the duration of the project until it is submitted to Contract Estimates Section as part of the Final Estimate. The supporting documents shall show the project number, the inspector’s name, and the date that the quantity was reported on the DWR.

On projects not being processed in SiteManager, the OSD for all other items not documented by using printed report forms should be one or more "Report of Work Performed" (RWP) sheets. (See 109.02 below.) In some cases, the OSD for these other items may include a separate sheet of paper attached to the RWP, such as sketches, calculations, etc. These separate sheets should be 8½" x11" and MUST be suitable for reproduction. A 2H pencil is ideal for this purpose. The RWP to which they are attached should indicate that separate sheets are attached and the separate sheets should have sufficient identification information to clearly show which RWP they support.

ALL ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCUMENTS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED WITH THE FINAL ESTIMATE. The only exceptions to this requirement are printed reports completed in the field, printed electronic daily report forms, and truck weight tickets. These include Test Piling, Piling, and Daily Reports for volumetric haul, Prime, Tack, Soil Cement/Lime Stabilization, Concrete Paving, etc. The originals of these reports are submitted to the Contract Estimates Section as they are prepared and will be kept on file as part of the permanent job files.

Preparation of the OSD's is one of the most important tasks performed by the Resident Engineer's personnel. The individuals who prepare these documents must be particularly careful to draw, print, or otherwise record the information so that it is clear

and easily readable by those who will be checking or reviewing them. attention should be given to keeping the document clean and to printing

Particular the various

numbers and letters so that there is no chance of OSD. Changes and corrections must be initialed.







All OSD's must be completed in the field at the time the measurements are made. They should show the date the measurements are made and the identity of the personnel making or recording the measurements. In some cases, some advance preparation of the OSD may be made in the office; however, the measurements are to be recorded in the field. For example, sketches for Riprap may be made in the office, then the document taken to the field and the measurements recorded on it as they are made. Calculations of areas, volumes, etc., may also be made in the office, using the measurements recorded in the field. Such calculations are considered part of the measurement process, and are as important as the record of the measurements themselves.

109.02 (a) SiteManager Daily Work Reports (DWRs). When SiteManager is utilized for project documentation and estimate generation on a project, the intent of the Daily Work Report is to document the contractors’ pay item work on a daily basis. The best form of documentation for items other than Plan Quantity specification items is to perform actual field measurements (or actual field counts) when work for a location is completed. The inspector indicates that an actual field measurement (or count) was made by checking the Measured indicator box on the Record Work Item window. However, it

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