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(b.) Report of Work Performed (RWP) Sheets.

When FieldBook is utilized to

generate current and sheets are used for support for Current

final estimates on a project, the Report of Work Performed (RWP) two distinct purposes: Original Source Documents (OSD's) and Estimates. There are presently three approved variations of the













modified using the microcomputer without prior approval from the Construction Office.

When RWP's are used as OSD's, they shall be marked "Final Document", and the following terminology used as a guide for the "Basis of Estimate":

  • "Actual Field Measurement" for items which must be field measured (e.g., pipe, curb, seeding areas, etc.)

  • "Verified Plan Quantity" for items for which the Specifications state that the plan quantity is the Final quantity AND no corrections required (e.g., Clearing, Grubbing, Concrete in Structures, Reinforcing Steel, etc.)

  • "Verified Plan Quantity with Field Measured Additions/Deletions" for "plan quantity" items for which an adjustment IS required.

  • "Actual Field Count" for items measured per each (e.g., Drop Inlets, Pavement Markers, Traffic Drums, etc.)

  • "Observation of Completed Work" for items measured as "Lump Sum" (e.g., Maintenance of Traffic, Construction Control, Modify Existing Bridge, etc.)

When "Field Measurements" are the Basis of Estimate, they must be shown on the RWP or on paper(s) attached to it or referred to in such a manner that the required information may be readily found. In addition, any required calculations must be shown on the RWP or attachments. RWP's used as Original Source Documents MUST be submitted with the Final Estimate.

When an RWP is NOT an Original Source Document, but is used only to support a quantity reported for payment on a Current Estimate, it should be marked "Current Estimate". The "Basis of Estimate" generally should be "Percent of plan quantity (for this structure, balance section, etc.)". Other methods of estimating the quantity for Current Estimates may be used, such as: "Rough Field Measurement"; "Approximate Station Measurement"; etc. Although "Percent of Plan Quantity" is the preferred method, any method by which a quantity can be determined and supported is usually acceptable. "Load Counts" shall NOT be used for estimating earthwork since load counts do not account for swell and have resulted in overpayments to the Contractor. Overpayments are difficult to recover in a timely manner.

A separate file folder should be prepared to contain the RWP's for each line number or QUIK Code on the project. RWP's marked "Current Estimate" should be filed on one side of the folder and RWP's marked "Final Document" on the other side. The RWP's marked "Final Document" should be numbered consecutively, beginning with 1 for each pay item. Those marked "Current Estimate" should also be numbered beginning with 1 for each pay item. When the RWP's are NOT marked Final Document, they are not part of the permanent project files. By eliminating these from the permanent project files, the size of these files can be reduced. The Current Estimate RWP's should be retained in the RE office until the Final Estimate has been paid, since they may contain

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