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Contractor may be required to perform extra work on a Force Account basis.

that the A Force

Account is an alternative to a Supplemental Agreement, and is generally used when a

Supplemental Agreement is not utilized.

Work to be done under Force Account must be

authorized by an Approved Change Order.

The Change Order will specify that payment

is to be by Force Account, and may include specific requirements regarding equipment, number of laborers, etc., to be used to complete the work.




As with all other Change Orders, the Change Order authorizing Force Account work must be approved before the work is begun. The change order must:

  • 1.

    Establish the rates for all equipment to be used.

  • 2.

    Estimate the total hours of labor and equipment usage to complete the Force Account work.

  • 3.

    Estimate the cost of the materials to be used in the Force Account work.

  • 4.

    Include a letter from the Contractor showing a breakdown of actual taxes and insurance.

The Resident Engineer must keep a detailed and accurate daily record of the work as it is done. This record must be agreed upon and signed daily by the Resident Engineer and the Contractor's representatives. Both the Resident Engineer and the Contractor will keep a copy which bears both signatures.

The Contractor is required to submit bills for the work performed under Force Account. All bills submitted must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. The bills and supporting documentation must accompany the Force Account Summary.

The supporting documentation for materials shall consist of receipted (paid) bills, invoices, etc., showing the quantity and cost of the material. Freight costs are considered part of the material cost.

The supporting documentation for labor shall consist of a document showing, for each employee utilized on the Force Account work: the name of the employee; his job classification; the rate of pay actually paid; the taxes, insurance, etc., (broken out separately) actually paid; the dates on which the work was performed; and the number of hours worked on the Force Account work. This should be compared to the Contractor's payroll for accuracy of the information. Straight time and overtime should be shown separately on the supporting documentation, with the adjusted hourly rates for overtime also shown.

The supporting documentation for equipment used on Force Account work shall show the hours each piece of equipment was used each day, the dates on which the equipment was used, the rate of payment for each piece of equipment, and a sufficiently detailed description of the equipment that the rate of payment can be checked. It is suggested that the document show the manufacturer's name, model number, year of manufacture, size rating (weight, horsepower, cubic yards, etc.) for each piece of equipment. The rate of payment for equipment shall conform to the rates previously established by the Department. The equipment hours reported for one day’s operation cannot exceed the labor hours shown for the equipment operator on the same day.

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