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When the Force Account work is completed, the entire Force Account shall be summarized. An Excel based summary form is available in the MISC subdirectory of the Construction drive of the LAN as file FORCE.xls.

Force accounts in SiteManager must be established by a change order and documented in accordance with the above requirements. The daily accomplishments of the force account work will be documented using the Force Account tab on the Daily Work Report. See the “AHTD SiteManager Inspectors Guide” and “AHTD SiteManager Users Guide for Resident Engineer Offices” for specific instructions.

109.06 Surplus Materials. Materials purchased by the contractor in accordance with plans and left on hand at the completion of the work may be purchased by the Department in accordance with Section 50 in the Accounting Manual. The total of Surplus Material and material actually used cannot exceed the plan or approved Change Order quantity. District Engineers must notify the State Construction Engineer by letter of the material taken into stock. This letter shall show the type of material, the quantity, the individual receiving the material, the location of the material, and the date.

Payment for surplus material will usually be made on the last current estimate except where the quantities or amounts involved justify payment at an earlier date. For non-FieldBook projects, payments by current estimate will be supported by the following certification on the AHTD ESTIMATE SHEET (transmitted by mail for payment), accompanied by notarized Paid Invoices:

"I hereby certify that the surplus materials on this job were ordered in accordance with the plans and not used on the job; that the quantities and amounts requested for payment have been delivered to State possession; that copies of approved test reports for the surplus material are on file in this office; and that payment therefor has not been made."

For SiteManager and FieldBook projects, surplus materials are paid by a RE approved change order (contract modification) which adds an item for surplus material. A typed certification containing the text described above must be mailed to the Construction Office along with the notarized Paid Invoices. Payment for the surplus materials cannot be made until approval is received from the Construction Office.

Note that all payments for Surplus Materials are Non-Participating and that notarized Paid Invoices MUST accompany the request for payment.

109.07 Final Estimates. (a) General. All Final Estimates are to be submitted to the Contract Estimates Section, through the District Engineer, within thirty days after final acceptance. Written requests for extensions of this time period must be submitted to the Construction Office, through the District Engineer. The Contract Estimates Section will conduct a complete review, including a detailed audit and check of all computations. After this review has been completed and all deficiencies, errors, etc., have been corrected, the Contract Estimates Section will prepare the completed Final Estimate. After the Final Estimate has been signed and paid, a PAID copy will be sent to the Resident Engineer for his files.

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