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money value of the overrun or underrun is less than $10,000.00. When the overrun or

underrun is MUST be: overruns or

less than 5% or the money value is less than NO EXPLANATION REQUIRED. The underruns are to be prepared or reviewed by

$10,000.00, the explanation explanations for all other the Resident Engineer prior

to submitting SARS report

the Final Estimate. This document may be initially generated using the for jobs in SiteManager and then exported and edited in Word in order

to enter required explanations. Once completed, added to the project folder as described in Upload

the document above.





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    List of All Change Orders (SARS/Upload). For SiteManager projects, this report will be generated in SARS and then exported out of SARS and edited further as a Word document. For non-SiteManager jobs, the document is to be prepared using the appropriate WORD layout. The list must show all Change Orders in numerical sequence as the paper Excel change orders. Since the SARS report will include several RE Authorized Change Orders which were entered prior to RE Manual Revision on this, some editing of the report and renumbering on the report will be required in order to match the paper change order number sequence. These changes should only be done in the Word document - no changes should be made to the data within SiteManager. If a Change Order was submitted and not approved, or if a number was skipped in numbering the Change Orders, show the number on the listing with an explanation of what happened to that number (i.e., Not Approved, Not Submitted, etc.). The list need not include the location, description, and reason for change. If no change orders were submitted, the “List of All Change Orders” must still be submitted with the Final Estimate. In this event, the list shall state “No Change Orders Submitted.” Following editing, save the report as a Word document and add it to the project folder as described in Upload above.

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    Statements (Signed Hard Copy). Statements are required on all jobs: however, the number of statements may vary depending on the type of project. Refer to Figure 109-5.

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    Schedule of Time (SARS/Upload). A Schedule of Time is required on all projects. Since the Diary is the original source document for time charges, it is essential that the information given on the Schedule of Time agrees with the information shown in the Diary. The Schedule of Time is generated in SARS on projects in SM. On non- SiteManager projects, the Schedule of Time must be created using an appropriate Word format and uploaded using the procedure above. The Schedule of Time should include the following information:

    • Date of Work Order.

    • Contract Time (Work Days or Fixed Completion Date).

    • Date Substantially Complete.

    • Date of Final Acceptance

    • Tabulation of Days Charged (Working Day Jobs).

    • Number of Days Charged or Calendar Days Elapsed.

    • Final Contract Time (Including all extensions by Change Order or extensions due to overruns).

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